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  Williamsport Police Special Response Team

SRT Team Commander – Captain Michael Orwig
SRT Team Leader - Officer Roy Snyder


The Special Response Team;

The Williamsport Police Department's Special Response Team (SRT) Team is a multi-jurisdictional team which is made up of police officers from various departments within Lycoming County.  Currently the team consists of 12 Officers from the Williamsport Police Department and Old Lycoming Township Police Department.  The team also has one licensed physician who is employed by the Susquehanna Health System along with nullfour trained medics. 

The Special Response Team’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, executing high risk search warrants for any police agency within the county including our Lycoming County Drug Task Force, serving high risk warrants that are determined to be beyond the capabilities of regular patrol officers, assisting with Hostage/Barricade situations, and Dignitary Protection details.

The SRT Team has strict firearms and physical fitness entry-level requirements. Once appointed, each member of the Team must continue to meet very strict quarterly firearms qualifications and annual physical fitness qualifications. The unit trains together twice a month and participates in various table-top and staged training scenarios.

Entry level requirements for SRT Team members include a minimum of 2 years as a police officer, passing stringent physical fitness and firearms qualification standards, and a probationary period for new appointees where they must demonstrate proficiency in tactical maneuvers.

The SRT Team is supervised by a Team Commander, Team Leader and Assistant Team Leaders. It has two Selective Marksmen, and one Tactical-Physician. Other members of the Team are assigned a variety of duties. Each member is personally committed to the Team and their profession.

                             Special Response Team at City Council Chambers

Crisis Negotiation Team

It is the policy of the Williamsport Police Department to maintain, train, and equip a Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT). The role of the CNT is to attempt, through negotiation, to achieve non-violent resolution to life-threatening situations. The CNT also assists the SRT Team and other units of the Department with critical incidents and other situations for which their training and expertise may be helpful.

North Central Counter Terrorism Task Force

The Special Response Team of Williamsort is the lead team for the North Central Counter Terrorism Task Force.  As the team lead for the task force the SRT is responsible for the following counties: Bradford, Clinton, Lycoming, Potter, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga and Union.