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Awards and Decorations are used to publicly recognize and reward an officer of this department for extraordinary, outstanding, or exceptionally meritorious acts of heroism or other acts of service which are above and beyond those normally expected of the officer during the normal performance of his / her duties.  These acts distinguish the officer from others and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Williamsport Bureau of Police. 

In December of 1994, the Williamsport Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #29, established an awards committee to honor the members of the Williamsport Bureau of Police who provide outstanding service in the best interest to the citizens of the City of Williamsport.  These awards are worn proudly by those officers.

Any officer or citizen of Williamsport can nominate an officer for any of these awards and all are encouraged to do so.

 Williamsport Police Awards and Citations


Medal of Honor Awarded for an outstanding act in the line of duty at imminent personal hazard to life with full knowledge of the risk involved thereof. 


Combat Cross - Awarded for individual acts of heroism at imminent personal hazard of live, in combat with an armed adversary.


Wound Medal - Awarded for wounds received in the line of duty inflicted intentionally by an adversary and resulting in severe puncture wounds, lacerations, fractures, or concussions being suffered.


Legion of Honor - Awarded for a permanent injury in the line of duty involving wounds received while attempting an arrest of a suspect for a gunshot, traffic, or fire accidents.  Injuries preventing the officer from serving for 3 months or more.


Gallantry Star - Awarded for an act of distinguished bravery in the arrest of a person who is a major threat to the welfare of the community and or the officer.

Grand Cordon - Also referred to as the Department Citation.  This is awarded to the members of an operation, unit or group of officers cited for a specific action.

Meritorious Service - Awarded for a highly unusual accomplishment under adverse conditions with some degree of hazard to life or limb to the officer or where death or injury to a third party is prevented.

Life Saving - Awarded for acts performed in the line of duty with no regard for personal safety of the officer and / or prompt and alert action, resulting in the saving of a human life.

Exceptional Duty - Awarded for a highly credible accomplishment bringing public acclaim to the officer, the department, or the police profession as a result of duty or service to the public.

Honorable Service - Awarded for credible acts in the line of duty which meet some, but not all of the requirements for other awards and are unusual in nature, showing initiative. 

 Officer of the Quarter and Year

The Officer of the Quarter and Officer of the Year Awards are given out by the Williamsport Bureau of Police administration.  One officer from each shift, our unit, can be submitted by any supervisor of that shift, or unit, or any officer within the Bureau of Police may nominate someone that they feel should be considered.  One officer is then selected from all the nominations once every three months to become the Officer of the Quarter. 

Officers are nominated for the award by performing acts or handling situations above and beyond the normal duties as a police officer.  At the end of the year a review is made of the four Officers which had been selected asthe Officer of the Quarters, and one of them is selected as the departments Officer of the Year based on their continued excellence and job performance through the calendar year. 

The officers listed below have received these awards and should be commeneded for their outstanding performance and job dedication.

Officer of the Year 2010:                   Agent Leonard Dincher

Officer of the Quarter 2008

1.      PO Jason Dockey

2.      Agent  Leonard Dincher

3.      PO Kenneth Mains

4.      PO Trent Peacock

Officer of the Year 2008:                    PO Kenneth Mains

Officer of The Year 2007:                   PO Trent Peacock

Officer of the Quarter 2006

1.      PO Jason Dockey

2.      PO Jody Miller                      

3.      PO Jody Miller                      

4.      PO Kristofer Moore                     

Officer of the Year 2006:                    PO Jody Miller

Officer of the Quarter 2005

1.      PO Eric Houseknecht

2.      PO Thomas Bortz

3.      Agent Steve Sorage

4.      Agent Raymond Kontz

Officer of the Year 2005:                    PO Eric Houseknecht

Officer of the Quarter 2004

1.      PO Timothy Miller

2.      PO Eric Houseknecht

3.      Agent Raymond Kontz

4.      PO Kenneth Mains

Officer of the Year 2004:                    Agent Raymond Kontz

Officer of the Quarter 2003

1.      Agent David Ritter

2.      PO Jimmie Rodgers

3.      PO Damon Hagan

4.      PO Ronald Bachman

Officer of the Year 2003:                    PO Ronald Bachman

Officer of the Quarter 2002

1.      PO Damon Hagan

2.      PO Brett Williams

3.      Agent Steven Sorage

4.      PO Kevin Stiles

Officer of the Year 2002:                    Agent Steve Sorage

Officer of the Quarter 2001                                

1.      PO Dustin Kreitz

2.      Cpl Gary Whiteman                                               

3.      PO Ronald Bachman

4.      PO William Lynn

Officer of the Year 2001:                    PO William Lynn

Officer of the Year 2000:                    PO Leonard Dincher