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 Narcotics (LCDTF)

The Williamsport Bureau of Police and the Lycoming County Drug Task Force (LCDTF) is a specialized unit dedicated to fighting the war on drugs in Lycoming County. The LCDTF is composed of officers and investigators from the Williamsport Police Department that work very closely with officers and investigators from the local law enforcement agencies, Pennsylvania State Police, Attorney Generals Office, Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This collaboration of Law Enforcement professionals are dedicated to combating drug distribution and use throughout Lycoming County.

money and drugs pic

This is what it's all about

The above items were taken from a drug suspect.  Everything is here that a drug dealer would want.  He has his cell phone for making drug deals.  He has his individual packets of marijuana.  The marijuana is measured out and packaged in small plastic zip lock bags for sale.  They are then kept in the larger plastic bag. The suspect has several hundred dollars in his pocket. He also has his cigar and small amount of marijuana, in the jar, for his use.  The tobacco will be taken out and replaced with the marijuana called a Philly blunt.   These items are typcial when a dealer is arrested.

crack cocaine and pipe
This is crack cocaine and smoking pipe


crack cocaineThis is also crack cocaine

Notice the color is usually an off shade of white.  Each small rock would be packaged into small clear plastic bags for sale.  A rock in Lycoming County is usually sold for either $10.00 or $20.00 based on the size.


bundles of heroin

Bundles of Heroin

These are bundles of heroin. Heroin is usually packaged in wax papers.  They are then kept together by rubberbands until sold. 

In Lycoming County we find that most Heroin comes in from New Jersey while the the majority of Crack Cocaine comes from Philadelphia.  The drugs are brought here because there is demand for them and the dealer can make more money.  In Philadelphia a crack rock that cost $5.00 will cost double or triple that here.  


If you suspect drug activity in you neighborhood what can you do?
The first thing you can do is call:  329-2756 (LYCOMING COUNTY DRUG TASK FORCE) or 911

If you believe that you just observed a drug deal, call the police.  Try and write down a good description of the people and any vehicles involved.  Try and write down license plate numbers when you can.  If you call 911 try and be as detailed as you can with the dispatcher.  The accurate the information you provide police will help create good "probable cause" in the investigation process.