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June, 2015


 The City of Williamsport has immediate openings for the position of police officer.

 The City of Williamsport is the county seat for Lycoming County located in north central Pennsylvania.  The city encompasses approximately nine square miles and is home to approximately thirty thousand residents.  We are home to two colleges, Lycoming College and Pennsylvania College of Technology (a Penn State affiliate).  The Williamsport Bureau of Police is currently budgeted for forty-nine sworn police officers and four civilian personnel. 

 We are an outstanding law enforcement agency that is known for our professionalism and outstanding career opportunities.  The Williamsport Bureau of Police offers unique opportunities that many other departments in our area cannot offer, regardless of their size.  Current specialty units within our department consist of the Police Patrol Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Vice Narcotics Unit, and Special Response Team.  Our department is known throughout the law enforcement community for its exceptional performance and professionalism.  We enjoy an excellent working relationship with many local, State and Federal agencies throughout Pennsylvania.     

 High professional standards and a history rich in tradition are the hallmarks of the Williamsport Bureau of Police.  Progress and evolution are paramount for the department and our officers, especially in regard to training, professional development, technology and equipment.

           As Chief of Police, I challenge each of you to look within yourself and picture the person that you want to become, strive for that greatness and excel during your quest to become one of Williamsport’s Finest. 




                                                                                                GREGORY FORESMAN

        Chief of Police




  1. You must be a citizen of the United States of America
  2.  All applicants must possess a high school diploma or a G.E.D. certificate at the time of application.
  3. 3. Applicants must successfully complete ACT 120 training, as certified by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC). If not currently certified as a municipal Police Officer the Williamsport Bureau of Police will sponsor successful candidates through a new “CADET RATE” program. Under this program successful applicants will receive a reduced pay rate during ACT 120 training and the City Will cover the cost of the training. (more info on this new program is available on our website).*** You are NOT required to have ACT 120 training prior to testing ***
  4. You must be 21 years of age on or before the date of the Police Civil Service Commission’s written examination, and be no older than 37 years of age, having not reached your 38th birthday, before the date of certification of the civil service list.  
  5. You must establish and maintain a place of residency within the boundaries of an area, described to be within a twenty-mile radius of City Hall and/or police headquarters of the City of Williamsport, within 240 days from the date of appointment as a police officer.
  6. An applicant may not apply for employment with the Bureau of Police and will be disqualified during any background investigation for the following criminal behavior:
    1. Criminal conviction of Misdemeanor-2 or higher.
    2. Criminal conviction of any section listed in the Uniform Firearms Act, Brady Law, Megan’s Law or any other federal law or amendment prohibiting possession of a firearm.
  7. You must possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license.  Any person convicted of any of the following in the past 36-month period will not be hired
    • Driving while license was suspended or revoked
    • Homicide or any assault with a vehicle
    • Failure to stop or report involvement in an accident
    • Driving Under the Influence    

 Benifits as a Police Officer

  • Beginning salary                 $45,067.82 up to $62,401.60 after 4 years under current contract
  • Cadet Rate                          $10.84 /Hr while at academy (2015)
  • Holidays                                11 per year (pro-rated first calendar year)
  • Sick Days                              21 per year (indefinite accumulation)
  • Annual vacation
    • After 6 months of service  1 week
    • After 1 year of service       2 weeks
    • After 5 years of service     3 weeks
    • After 10 years of service   4 weeks
    • After 15 years of service   5 weeks
    • After 20 years of service   6 weeks
  • Pension
    • Vesting after 12 years of service
    • Full pension after 20 years of service
    • Collection beginning at age 50
    • Cost-of-living increases
    • Medical insurance for retirees
    • Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP)
    • Buy-back of unused sick time
    • Medical insurance- 100% coverage for Officer. City Covers 80% of spouse and dependants first year and increases to 100% coverage after 6 years of service

The City shall also provide term life insurance in the amount of $50,000.

 Hiring Process

Police Department Overview

The mission of the Williamsport Police Department is to maintain peace and order through the provision of police services that are of the highest quality and responsive to the needs of the community.

The Department contributes to the safety and security of the community by apprehending those who commit criminal acts, developing partnerships to prevent, reduce, or eliminate neighborhood problems, and providing police services that are fair, unbiased, and respectful of the dignity of all individuals.

The Department consists of 49 sworn police officers and is commanded by the Chief of Police and two Captains. Qualified individuals within the Department have the opportunity to specialize in several different career paths, including: Criminal Investigations Unit, Vice Narcotics, and the Special Response Team.

The Williamsport Police Department offers a competitive salary, an attractive benefit package with challenging promotional and assignment opportunities.

The Selection Process
The Williamsport Bureau of Police utilizes a multi-step process for selecting individuals to be hired as Police Officers.  The testing cycle will begin soon with the announcment that our department is now accepting hiring applications. 

Step One

  • Complete and return the application
  • Candidates will first be given a written examination, given in the Sechler Room on the Second Floor of City Hall
  • Candidates which pass the written test will be required to take a Physical Fitness Test.  
  • Those who pass the physical fitness test will be scheduled for an oral interview. Those candidates will be given the date and time of their oral interview after passing the physical fitness portion. 
  • A list will then be prepared ranking the candidate’s based on their final score using these three areas.  This list will be certified by the Civil Service Commission and posted.

Step Two
Once positions open within the Department the second step of the selection process begins:

  • Background Investigation is conducted
  • Polygraph Examination is conducted
  • Physical Examination
  • Psychological Examination
  • Appointment- Applicants must have already completed ACT-120 training and completing all pre-employment requirements.  Candidate will be notified of an appointment date and, will be sworn in as Police Officers of the Williamsport Police Department.


Download an Application by clicking the file below

2015 WBP Application